Quality Policy

Steele Building Group is committed to delivering high quality services in an efficient manner. The quality of our work is supported by our Integrated Management System (IMS) that is compliant to the International Standard ISO 9001. Implementing an internationally recognised best practice approach to quality ensures a focus on achieving results and continually improving our quality management systems.

The IMS objectives provide a clear direction to achieve our vision and strategic outcomes as follows:

  • Measure and analyse quality review findings to enhance customer outcomes.
  • Deliver services that meet the quality expectations defined by our customers.
  • Evaluate and continually improve our services to enhance customer satisfaction and our quality management system.
  • Support enabling activities that enhance customer satisfaction.

Steele Building Group monitor and measure activities across our services. Our review process is integral to meeting customer needs and expectations and supporting continual improvement. Our IMS and quality review activities have an integrated risk management approach which ensures both internal and external factors are recognised and managed. 

Steele Building Group evaluates the effectiveness of the IMS through monitoring and measurement processes and implements the necessary support activities to achieve the policy objectives. 

Steele Building Group will ensure that this policy be promoted to all workers, contractors and suppliers of goods and services.

All workers, contractors and other authorised personnel on company premises or while undertaking work activities under the control of, or on behalf of Steele Building Group, will be required to co-operate with carrying out this policy by ensuring their work is done with minimum risk to themselves and others.